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About Us

Who are we?


Cinegearstore was founded in 2009 by two Best Boy Grips that wanted something more from a retailer in the entertainment industry. We wanted a place where technicians could find those hard to find items, a place that knew what we were talking about, a place that understands what being under fire means. This is what CineGearStore is all about.


With years of on set experience and a better understanding of the equipement, and products that are used on set every day, we have set ourselves apart. We pride ourselves on knowing our products and the equipement that is used, inside and out. With this knowledge we can offer more to our friends and our customers that we work with. Our company has grown because of the relationships that were made during the countless hours of grueling hard work that creates lasting friendships. At any given time we have reltionships with crew members from dozens of feature films, television shows, and commercials shooting around the world. 


What will you find here?


Cinegearstore is the only place on the web or anywhere for that matter where  someone can build a package for any department from start to finish. No other store in the world can build an entire truck for you from one place. It is our pledge to you that you will find only top quality products that are used everyday in the sound stages of Hollywood, Burbank, New York, Albequerque, Sydney, Prague, Mumbai, and every other soundstage in the world.


How can we do what we do?


While working as best boys, our team learned how important it is to know where to get every piece of equipment needed to do our jobs.  With dozens of different manufacturers, specialty tools, and vendors, it made our jobs very difficult. What we do at cinegearstore is simplify the process greatly. With years of experience comes personal relationships with dozens of the vendors and manufacturers of products we use for every job. We have worked tirelessly to bring all of those contacts together in one place that has gathered the best of the best in the industry. 


What makes us different from the competition?


What we offer is experience! Flat out. We didn’t learn what we know from books or by just repeating what someone told us, we have worked in the trenches on the sets of feature films, television shows, commercials, music videos, and everything in between.  


We know what it’s like to need something yesterday. Wehave worked 23 hour work days. We know the pressure, the stress and the aches and pains you are going through. We are also working members of the locals. We will be there to support you, guide you, and in some instances teach you about the gear you are about to buy.


Our working professionals are here to answer your questions. Obviously no one person can know everything about a given department, so we encourage department Keys to share their expertise and to keep us up to date on any new practices.


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